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Fashion Meets Service

Visionaire, leader, and a fearless dreamer, this is Rlynda's story!

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Arlinda was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal with her Cape Verdean parents. Having learned that young girls in Cape Verde weren’t allowed to go to school and women were only considered for trade work to earn a living, her mother Luiza, became an amazing seamstress. Teaching the inquisitive 12-year-old the foundation of style and designs of icons such as Tina Turner, Madonna, Michael, and Janet Jackson. Arlinda’s mother was and still is the heart and core of her passion and love for the fashion industry. Fueling her fire, she began designing made-to-order pieces for friends and local patrons by the age of 19 in her atelier, seeding her future as an industry magnate. Her preferred design technique is to visualize the patterns when a fabric inspires her. She attended formal training at Civec College of Fashion Design in Lisbon to enhance her natural talents.


 She decided it was time to explore opportunities in the United States, leaving her home, business, and family to live in Indianapolis, IN. She quickly acclimated herself to the culture and landscape of her new home and began building Rlynda in 2007. Her tenacity and courage to share her talents led her to showcase her designs in fashion weeks across the United States. Amongst her many achievements, she orchestrated an exhibition of her unique designs at the Indianapolis Museum of Fine Arts and a segment on the ‘Indy Style’ television show featuring fashion trends and styling tips.


In addition to her passion for the fashion industry, she also possessed a zeal for travel she became a flight attendant. As a flight attendant over the last decade, she has been able to share her art around the world, meet many industry influencers and expand her reach, and bridge her culture amongst her supporters. This journey led her to the music industry, where she started the first Cape Verdean female singing group, Kriolaz, in Boston, MA, and later branched out as a successful solo artist touring around the world while showcasing her fashion designs. After a few years on the road, she decided it was time to open the doors of Rlynda in 2018 in her hometown Lisbon, Portugal. The onset of the COVID19 global pandemic engulfed everyone’s sense of personal and economic security, forcing Arlinda to close her doors in 2021.


No stranger to adversity, her dreams of becoming a staple brand allowed her the time and growth to re-launch Rlynda as an online store to be closely followed by opening a brick + mortar boutique. Currently residing in Miami, Arlinda has a whole new perspective and advantage living in what we call today the "Magic City". You won’t want to miss the seasoned magician of fashion as she just may be in your town hosting events such as pop-up shops, fashion shows, and workshops!

When Arlinda is not focused on creating she enjoys spending time with her family. She also enjoys the beach and travel as well as running and reading. She has run 5k races and is preparing for an upcoming half marathon! Arlinda believes in spirituality and practices it through meditation and other divine processes. 


Rlynda is an international fashion destination serving you sophisticated styles, with timeless details straight to our customers’ doorstep.

Rlynda is your go-to source for styles influenced by the latest fashions with an added flair. We aim to inspire our customers best version of themselves and to be confident in their own skin. Our vision is forward-thinking and fashion-centered at its core to reflect these ideals. We invite you to browse our site and find just what you have been looking for.

Look good, Feel good, Shop Rlynda!

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Welcome to Rlynda's Bazaar where you can bring new life to discountinued pieces at an affordable price!  

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